No. 4 Nineteen18

TOP 30 PLACEMENT AFTER 3 YEARS. Three years ago, the restaurant "Nineteen18," led by chef Matas Paulinas and located in the "Senators' Passage," was a newcomer in the ratings. For the past two years, another well-known chef, Andrius Kubilius, has taken the helm. This year, the restaurant "Nineteen18" is found in fourth place.

3 WORDS BEST DESCRIBING THE RESTAURANT: free, inventive, rule-breaking.


Head chefAndrius Kubilius
Managing directorAndrius Kubilius
Type of cuisineBaltic countries' products
Working hoursIII-VI 18.00-23.00
AddressDomininkonų st. 11, Vilnius
Tasting menu84 eur per person
Capacity (seated)45-50 guests
Children welcomefrom 8 years old
Terracenot available
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchnot available
Dog friendlyyes to service dogs

Place in 2019 No. 2

WHY WORTH VISITING? The restaurant is situated in a building reminiscent of the 16th century, right in the heart of the Old Town. "Here, you can simply spend your everyday evenings or celebrate holidays – we are close to our guests on any occasion and I believe they know they will be warmly welcomed, well-fed, and pleasantly entertained," says chef Andrius Kubilius.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MENU? The "Nineteen18" restaurant offers a 10-course tasting menu that changes seasonally and is based on ingredients from the Baltic countries. "It's not a typical small tasting menu that leaves you wanting McDonald's afterwards; guests leave truly satisfied," jokes the chef. He adds that the menu is created each time so that the team can take pride in it and enjoy preparing it. "We take our time changing it because we dedicate a lot of attention to creating and testing new dishes. Often the changes are dictated by the season, we will stop serving dishes with asparagus when asparagus season is over. While we're not committed to changing the menu every month or quarter, we don't want to stand still, although we have dishes that remain on the menu all year round," Andrius says.

GUESTS RETURN FOR THE "unicorn Æbelskiver," - Andrius smiles and tells the story of the "working" unicorn bartender, probably the only one in all the Baltic countries. He appeared in the restaurant after a bet with the owner of the "Senators' Passage," and when the seemingly unattainable goal was reached, the owner promised the restaurant team that a unicorn sculpture would appear on the roof of the building. While the restaurant awaits the promised unicorn (maybe it's already there, take a look), the neighbors gifted the team a plush unicorn.

Besides the famous unicorn, guests are drawn to "Nineteen18" for its atmosphere, quality, the opportunity to see everything happening in the kitchen, and trust. "And it's delicious here," the kitchen chef adds.

WHO WORKS IN THE KITCHEN? Andrius Kubilius is a well-known chef who started his career as the sous chef of another well-known chef in Lithuania, Egidijus Lapinskas. After changing several restaurants, he was the head chef of "Time" for almost five years. Wanting to broaden his culinary knowledge and better understand the region's specifics, he conducted a six-month study on Baltic cuisine and became the chef of the "14Horses" restaurant in the Senators' Passage where Nineteen18 is also located. Now for almost two years he has been the chef of "Nineteen18”.

"Our kitchen team is stable, and I put a lot of effort into keeping it that way. We apply a different work formula, one focused on a more balanced life for chefs. We don't want to work without stopping, changing team members when they can't keep up the pace. We work differently, our approach is long-term and I see great value in that. We are socially responsible towards our people," Andrius says.

He explains that daily kitchen duties are led by Vilgailė Kaušylienė, and Raimundas Salvinskis is responsible for the service staff work. "In total, we are six and work in such a cozy team," kitchen chef says.

Photos by Robertas Daskevičius