This year, the main sponsor of the “30 Best Restaurants” project became the non-alcoholic premium sparkling tea producers from Denmark, “Copenhagen Sparkling Tea.”

It is served and paired with food in Michelin restaurants around the world. In Lithuania, it can be ordered in almost all of the country’s best restaurants. Bo Sten Hansen, co-owner of the company, on the partnership with the “30 Best Restaurants”:

“Lithuania was one of the first markets where ‘Copenhagen Sparkling Tea’ became popular. When visiting here, we understood why. We saw the high level and ambitions of the local restaurant culture. We have no doubt that Vilnius, with a population similar to Copenhagen, will soon become a true gastronomic capital, and we are pleased to contribute to this.

We are delighted that global restaurant guides are coming to Lithuania, but, being from a small country ourselves, we understand that recognition within the country is no less important, if not more. After all, it is the local people who fill the restaurants every day.”

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