No. 21 Fabrikėlis

TOP 30 PLACEMENT AFTER 3 YEARS. Another newcomer in this year's rankings – the restaurant "Fabrikėlis." Calling itself a creative food workshop, the restaurant starts at position 21 on the list.

3 WORDS BEST DESCRIBING THE RESTAURANT: Seasonal, close, sustainable.


Head chefOvidijus Orenta
Managing directorLukas Navalinskas
Type of cuisineLocal, new Baltic cuisine
Working hoursIII–V 17.00–23.00, VI 14.00–23.00
AddressPasakų g. 9, Vilnius
Average starter price8–12 eur
Main course average price26–34 eur
Tasting menu60 eur per person
Capacity (seated)30 guests
Children welcomewelcome of all ages
Terraceyes, seats 60
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchnot available
Dog friendlyon the terrace

WHY WORTH VISITING? "To discover familiar ingredients in a different light. By tasting the dishes, you'll experience my personal journey, memories, or see common ingredients in a completely new way," says chef Ovidijus Orenta. "Fabrikėlis" transformed from a sandwich and cold drinks kiosk that Ovidijus initially opened with a business partner. The successful kiosk turned into a restaurant with a large courtyard, where many items have been given a second life. "In our courtyard and terrace, most things have been used before, and we take pride in these sustainable choices," notes the restaurant's chef.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MENU? The kitchen chef explains that they represent Baltic cuisine, meaning the menu won't feature exotic products or spices; instead, you'll find familiar items presented differently. "Guests should expect top-quality ingredients, about 60% of which are organic. We put our hearts into the dishes – with the same love farmers grow our products, we prepare them," emphasizes Ovidijus. The "Fabrikėlis" menu changes approximately every quarter, with smaller adjustments happening more frequently. According to Ovidijus, winter in Lithuania lasts until the end of April, and even though spring is already in malls from March, true spring hasn't arrived in the countryside yet, so the restaurant usually offers spring dishes to guests in early May. "In summer, we change the menu twice because there's so much variety, and the seasons are very short – for example, berries, peas – only about three weeks each, so we want guests to feel as much of summer as possible," says the kitchen chef. A culinary hit at the restaurant is potato spirals with mushroom filling, although you can find them on the menu filled with various ingredients.

GUESTS RETURN FOR the fact that, as the chef says, the restaurant has "no frills." According to him, guests can expect a fair approach from A to Z, a lot of dedication, with the team not counting working hours.

WHO WORKS IN THE KITCHEN? Ovidijus worked in various restaurants across the country for many years, with the biggest influence coming from "Džiaugsmas" and "Todá" chef Martynas Praškevičius. The kitchen team – Eglė, Galina, Karolis, Emilis, and Deividas – are the people who help him realize his dreams.

Photos by Robertas Daskevičius