No. 13 Ertlio namas

TOP30 PLACEMENT AFTER 3 YEARS. Ertlio namas should now also be called a veteran of the TOP30 – the restaurant enters the ranking for the third time, this time it is 14th.

3 WORDS BEST DESCRIBING THE RESTAURANT: taste, history, and experience.


Head chefTomas Rimydis
Managing directorTomas Rimydis
Type of cuisineLithuanian historical cuisine
Working hoursMon–Thu 5:00 PM–10:00 PM, Fri–Sat 5:00 PM–11:00 PM, Sun 5:00 PM–10:00 PM
AddressSt. John's St. 7, Vilnius
Tasting menu4-course tasting dinner – 45 euros per person, 6 courses – 55 euros per person
Capacity (seated)120 guests
Children welcomeof all ages
Terrace18 seats
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchnot available
Dog friendlyon the terrace

Place in 2018 No. 17
Place in 2019 No. 9

WHY WORTH VISITING? Each dish is based on history and reflects how the Lithuanian aristocracy dined in past centuries. The concept of the restaurant – creating a menu based on Lithuanian history – originated from the friendship between chef Tomas Rimydis and historian Rimvydas Laužikas. "This restaurant emerged so that when a guest arrives in Lithuania or Vilnius, they come to us, taste Lithuanian historical cuisine, and understand how we present it responsibly and in a modern way," Tomas says.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MENU? The restaurant offers only tasting dinners. The menu changes four times a year, focusing on seasonal products. "What's in nature is on the table," defines Tomas as the main principle. Exceptional dishes include boar, beaver pate, forest mushroom cheese, pine cone ice cream, and lingonberry lagumina (crushed lingonberries). Among the drinks, you can find mead – a Lithuanian fermented honey drink, Lithuanian wines (including the first Lithuanian grape wines), various flavored tinctures that complement the dishes.

GUESTS RETURN FOR the taste of the dishes. "After that, it's the team, the service staff, and we are the only ones in Lithuania who present dishes with their history and origin, so guests also gain knowledge and can better understand Lithuanian cuisine," the chef emphasizes.

WHO WORKS IN THE KITCHEN? About 20 participants in national and international culinary championships and some of their winners, a nurturer of historical cuisine, Tomas Rimydis worked in many kitchens of different profiles before Ertlio namas and opened his restaurant in 2016. "In addition to me, wonderful food and flavor creators work in the kitchen of this restaurant," says Tomas.

Photos by Robertas Daskevičius