No. 11 Amandus

TOP 30 PLACEMENT AFTER 3 YEARS. In the top 30 restaurant rankings, Deivydas Praspaliauskas made his debut in 2016 with the restaurant "Dublis." After two years, he once again entered the top 30 with his restaurant Amandus, earning the 7th position two years in a row. This year Amandus is no.11. Opening its doors in 2017 at the "Artagonist" hotel, the restaurant Amandus has since relocated and has been operating in Užupis for several years.

3 WORDS BEST DESCRIBING THE RESTAURANT: Baltic Sea countries, tasting dinner and open kitchen.


Head chefDeivydas Praspaliauskas
Managing directorDeivydas Praspaliauskas
Type of cuisineBaltic Sea cuisine
Working hoursIII–VI 19:00–23:00
AddressUžupio g. 22, Vilnius
Tasting menu80 eur per person
Capacity (seated)48 guests
Children welcomeof any age
Terracenot available
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchnot available
Dog friendlyyes

Place in 2018 No. 7
Place in 2019 No. 7

WHY WORTH VISITING? "For stylishly presented food, interesting and unexpected combinations that guests can experience in their everyday kitchen," says restaurant owner and chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas. Communication with guests also holds a significant place in the restaurant, with a focus on getting to know them before the tasting dinner.

"I created a restaurant model dedicated to family – not the guest, but my family, so I could concentrate intensely on working in the restaurant. I thought that guests would come when I want, eat what I want, pay as much as I want, and take as much time as I want, sit where I want, and everything will be as I want, but in return, I'll provide the most pleasant experience possible," explains the chef about the concept of the restaurant dedicated to tasting dinners. According to him, during dinner the restaurant team aims to achieve 100% of the success of the first half of the dinner, as the other half is ultimately brought by the guest.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MENU? The menu at the Amandus restaurant changes 12 times a year - every month. "The dinner itself consists of two parts – first, I like to get acquainted with guests and let them get to know us and our flavors. The chef's compliments make up almost a third of the dinner, followed by the main dishes and dessert served by the restaurant," notes Deivydas. He emphasizes that in cooking, he uses many different spices – the restaurant's shelves contain nearly 500 different spice blends.

GUESTS RETURN FOR THE EXPERIENCE. "Guests receive a lot of attention from us; our staff has built relationships with regular guests, and in a restaurant of this type, like Amandus, a loyal guest returns every year. Guests return when they miss us, and that's the most enjoyable part," says the restaurant chef.

WHO WORKS IN THE KITCHEN? Deivydas Praspaliauskas is one of the best-known chefs in Lithuania. His first restaurant with his former partner, Lauro lapas, is still in operation but with a completely different concept. Later, D. Praspaliauskas opened the tasting dinner restaurant 1 dublis on Šopeno Street. Perhaps his most resonant project with business partners was Dublis on Trakų Street, followed by Amandus. As Deivydas says, in the current restaurant kitchen, educated chefs work alongside him, and since equality is important to the team, an equal number of men and women work in the restaurant.

Photos by Robertas Daskevičius