No. 30 uoksas

TOP 30 PLACEMENT. Uoksas comes in at number 30 this year and remains ranked among the best. And in the context of Kaunas’s culinary scene, this restaurant is undoubtedly unique and well-liked by both local diners and visitors.


Head chefArtūras Naidenko
His favourite spice  salt
Managing directorOdeta Naidenko
Type of cuisinenew Lithuanian cuisine
Working hoursII-IV (18:00-22:00), V (18:00-23:00), VI (12:00-23:00)
AddressMaironio g. 28, Kaunas
Capacity (seated)45 seats
Average hot dish priceEUR 18 (starter – EUR 10)
Terracenot available
Breakfastavailable (VI 12:00-16:00)
Business lunchnot available
Dog friendlyno

Place in 2018 No. 22
Place in 2017 No. 12
Place in 2016 No. 16

WHY VISIT? Firstly, if you’re looking to discover the treasures of Lithuanian nature in different micro-seasons, and to be pleasantly surprised by the intruiging combinations created by chef Artūras Naidenko, Uoksas is the perfect place.

If you or your guests want to try traditional Lithuanian flavours presented in a contemporary form, again Uoksas is an excellent choice. The restaurant team has remained faithful to its concept for six years, and charms even the pickiest eaters.

Another equally important reason is Uoksas’ commitment to sustainability. “We choose local and seasonal products, thus avoiding transportation costs and reducing pollution,” explains Artūras Naidenko. In recent years, the focus has been on the implementation of sustainability principles in the restaurant’s operations.

BRIEF MENU DESCRIPTION. You will always find four starters, a soup, four main courses and two desserts on the menu. The dishes feature produce from the Baltic Sea region.

The degustation menu changes regularly depending on the micro-season. One option consists of four courses (two starters, a main course and dessert) – at around EUR 30 / person. The other option consists of six courses (two starters, two main courses and two desserts) – at EUR 40 /person. Reservations are required for the tasting menu.

News. This year Uoksas has started curing meat using koji mushroom spores. Gastro-cocktails developed by the chef have also appeared on the menu, and home-made fermented soft drinks will soon follow.

CULINARY HITS. In its five-year history, not one of the dishes on the menu has been repeated. This fact reflects chef Artūras Naidenko’s dislike for repetition and his ongoing search for new products, suppliers and cooking techniques.

CHEF. Artūras Naidenko has been in the restaurant business for 18 years. During this time, he has given a start to several new restaurants both in Lithuania and abroad.