No. 21 Sofa de Pancho

TOP 30 PLACEMENT. Sofa de Pancho has established itself firmly within the 20th to 30th position in the rankings, and has been a clear favourite since its inception in 2012. Unsurprisingly, it is a unique place in Lithuania’s culinary scene. With its new à la carte menu, the restaurant has received more attention this year than it did last year, rising by eight positions in the rankings as a result.


Head chefVitalis Čižauskas
His favourite spice  ancho chili peppers
Managing directorDiana Puškoriūtė-Bartkuvienė
Type of cuisineMexican-inspired
Working hoursII-V 17:00-23:00, VI 13:00-23:00
AddressVisų Šventųjų g. 5, Vilnius and Pamario g. 24B, Neringa
Average hot dish priceEUR 19 (starter – EUR 10)
Capacity (seated)40 people (plus 18 in the lower floor)
Terracenot available
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchI-V 11:00-15:00 only at Pancho snack restaurant, Konstitucijos pr. 21c, Vilnius
Dog friendlyyes

Place in 2016 No. 12
Place in 2017 No. 18
Place in 2018 No. 29

WHY VISIT? Mexican cuisine creates certain expectations, expectations which Sofa de Pancho has been successfully satisfying for eight years running. It has also maintained consistent quality in terms of food and service, earning its deserved reputation as the best Mexican restaurant in Lithuania.

It is worth visiting Sofa de Pancho not only for a taste of something spicy and exotic, but also for restaurant quality food served in an authentic environment. The restaurant offers a sociable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Don’t be surprised if the staff recognise you, or even remember your name, on your next visit.

BRIEF MENU DESCRIPTION. Sofa de Pancho’s updated menu is short and concise. This allows the restaurant to maintain quality, use fresh ingredients, and nurture a signature cooking style. “We are lucky to reach customers through Mexican cuisine, and now we want to show what we are truly made of,” says Manager Diana Puškoriūtė-Bartkuvienė.

Tacos, one of the most iconic Mexican foods, play a prominent role in the restaurant’s output. You can opt for individual tacos, but the more popular choice are the sharing plates of tacos. You can also try a “deconstructed meal” - here diners create their own tacos using individual ingredients like meat, sauces, tortilla and vegetables.

Although the updated menu does not feature some old favourites, such as chili con carne and fajitas, this does not mean that they have been abandoned altogether. Each week Sofa de Pancho offers a chef’s special – what this is depends on the season and the freshest available products. For example, if good beef tenderloin becomes available, fajitas are offered as the special. In this way, guests’ favourites can still find their way back onto the table.

CULINARY HITS. Tacos de Gambas – EUR 10, lamb birria – EUR 22,

a family plate of tacos (3-4 persons) – Eur 32.

SOFA DE PANCHO in nida. The 40-seat Sofa de Pancho restaurant located next to the Amber Gallery in Nida, on the Lithuanian coast, is now in its second year. And this homely space is not only the Mexican “embassy” in Lithuania’s most remote resort town, but also a food laboratory for courageous flavour experiments. One interesting feature is the fact that everything at the Nida restaurant is cooked on a wood-fired grill and in a large blue oven, which has become the “hearth” of the place. Meanwhile, vegetables and herbs are used straight from the restaurant’s own kitchen garden. Like the restaurant in Vilnius, there is a large choice of tacos here.

Team. The owner of the restaurant, Diana, knows Mexico and its flavours well. She lived in Mexico and regularly revisits the country to communicate with locals and bring back more inspiration, ideas and warmth. This desire to bring to Lithuania at least a fraction of the authentic Mexican flavours she loves inspired her, together with her husband Rimvydas, to establish a family restaurant in Vilnius, and now also in Nida.