No. 24 Böff Steakhouse

TOP 30 RESTAURANT PLACEMENT Böff is located in the Karaliaus Mindaugo apartment complex next to Mindaugas Bridge, and boasts a wonderful view towards Gediminas’ Castle. This restaurant has been instrumental in introducing quality steaks to the Lithuanian palate by helping clients understand more about meat selection and the subtleties of preparation. So, it comes as no surprise that this restaurant is in the Top 30 yet again. Although it may have dropped four positions this year, it still ranks as one of the best steak restaurants in Lithuania.


Head chefAndrej Subač (idėjinis šefas – Mher Gevorkjan)
His favourite spice  cumin, chili peppers
Managing directorMher Gevorkjan
Type of cuisineSteak restaurant
Working hoursI-V 11:30-22:00, VI 12:30-22:00, VII – closed
AddressOlimpiečių 1, Vilnius
Capacity (seated)48 seats
Average hot dish pricehot From 22 Eur to 150 Eur, appetizers from 6 Eur to 15 Eur
Breakfastnot available
Business lunchavailable 11:30–14:00, prices vary from 6.90 Eur to 15 Eur
Dog friendlyno

Place in 2016 No. 13
Place in 2018 No. 20

WHY VISIT? Firstly, because Mher and his team are steak experts. Actually, they’re not just masters, but also pioneers, and we can put a lot of the modern Lithuanian traditions for the preparation and presentation of succulent steaks down to their influence. You’ll find that only the highest quality meat from certified farms is served in their restaurant.

BRIEF MENU DESCRIPTION The undeniable quality of Böff’s delectable steaks is hidden in the simplicity of their preparation. Every steak is a careful fusion of quality ingredients, the ideal balance of spices, and the chef’s skill. The customer, meanwhile, can choose from a selection of sauces to accompany the meat, with each prepared on the spot from the finest ingredients.

A large portion of the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced from Holland and Germany. Currently, the restaurant serves chilled (by no means frozen) seafood, and Mher purchases the highest quality meat from Holland. Its Black Angus Beef comes from USDA certified farms. The animals are raised in an ethical environment, without hormones or steroids, and are kept on a 100% plant-based diet.

In addition to meat dishes, Böff always has a wide selection of seafood, fish and chef-created desserts on offer. Day specials are displayed on a chalkboard at the back of the restaurant and are not offered on the menu. Everything is prepared on the premises, including all sauces (horseradish, green pepper, red wine, to name a few), and even the special Böff bread.

Mher’s other projects are connected with Böff. The meat shop Bučeris (Ogmios Miestas) and bistro/shop of the same name at Panorama Shopping Center are extensions of the restaurant. At the bistro you’ll find superior quality cuts that you can eat on site or take home. In addition, Mher dry ages its imported meat on its premises.

CULINARY HITS. Filet mignon – 29 Eur, Kansas City entrecote (380 g) – 49 Eur, Grilled octopus (200 g) – 32 Eur, Wagyu steak with bone (300g) – 95 Eur.

CHEF. The restaurant owner, Mher Gevorkjan, was born in Jerevan in Armenia, before moving to Estonia with his family at 13. After he completed his studies, he wanted to become an athlete. Unable to enter the sports academy, he decided not to waste time, opting to temporarily enrol at the well-known Estonian Culinary School. And it was there he discovered his true calling, falling in love with the Culinary Arts. He completed his course, and has not left the kitchen since 1994.

Mher Gevorkjan’s professional career path has been long and rich with experience. From 1999, he worked as a chef on Caribbean cruise liners until 2005, when he married a Lithuanian woman and began to work as a chef at the Reval Hotel Lietuva, the largest hotel in Lithuania. After some years, he went to Denmark with his family, where he worked as executive chef at the highly rated restaurant in the Marriott Hotel. He completed his career as chef for hire at a fine dining restaurant in Tallin.

In search of new challenges, the experienced culinarian began to toy with the idea of opening his own restaurant. That is how the idea of a meat establishment was born. He decided to introduce a proper beef eating culture to the capital.