No. 11 NÜMAN

POSITION IN THE TOP 30. Last year, just after a few months after the opening, Nüman climbed straight to the top 3 of the best restaurants in Lithuania. This year it got close to the top 10, but didn’t make it there. However, it still remains the best-rated restaurant in Kaunas.


Head chefPovilas Zuoza, Daniell John Pennell, Dominykas Kaupas, Kristina Liukaitytė
Managing directorGitana and Tadas Survilos
Type of cuisinefine dining
Working hoursII-VI 4 pm – 12 am (closed in summer season)
AddressNemuno str. 43, Kaunas
Average hot dish priceprice of the tasting menu – 50 Eur
Capacity (seated)60 seats
Business lunchno
Dog friendlyno

Place in 2017 No. 3

BRIEF RESTAURANT’S STORY. The restaurant’s owners Gitana and Tadas Survilos had the space, which is now called Nüman, for over 20 years, and even though they kept thinking about opening a second family restaurant (during the warm season, they work at their restaurant Nendrinė pastogė located close to the town of Šventoji), they would postpone this plan every time, until they met the new generation chef Matas Paulinas. Together they succeeded in gaining guests’ attention and appreciation very quickly. However, this year Paulinas and Survilai chose different paths, and the creative part of the kitchen was taken over by the Nüman team of chefs who worked at the restaurant from the start.

RESTAURANT’S UNIQUENESS. Here, every detail is important because, according to the owner of Nüman, Gitana, only the entirety can grant the strongest experience. The restaurant’s purpose – from the very first minute, to awake senses and emotions, which would accompany visitors for a while after the dinner.

BRIEF MENU. The restaurant offers a tasting menu (6 dishes + chef's compliments - 50 Eur), but it also has a la carte: „We allow our guests to decide what type of dinner they want“, – says G. Survilienė, adding that reservations for tasting dinners are not necessary. The restaurant's cuisine is always ready to fulfill both the a la carte orders, as well as the tasting menu offer. All dishes that are served for Nüman guests are seasonal with Scandinavian DNA and fine dining directions.

NEWS. Two restaurant news: a la carte menu and a change in the kitchen situation. As for the menu, it was created just as responsibly as the tasting menus at Nüman. Now a la carte includes 3 appetizers, 2-3 hot dishes 3 desserts – even though it’s small, but it’s quality is the same as that of tasting menus: „We wanted to create a more casual menu for the evening, while leaving tasting dinners more extraordinary, however, our 9-item menu is pretty solid. Having two menus, now we work even harder for our guests“, – says Gitana.

SPACE. The history of the building, where the restaurant is located, is indeed very long. It’s been about 20 years as the building belongs to the Survilos family, but even before that it housed very different enterprises. During the times of president Smetona, the building housed a Jewish meat shop, in the Soviet times it housed a shop buying bottled packaging and a grocery shop. Later on, it housed a driving school, a yarn shop, etc. However, before establishing a restaurant here, the owners as if re-built the building. Some residents of Kaunas are even surprised and say that they have never seen this building and that it was not here before.