No. 24 IETI

POSITION IN THE TOP 30. Each year, this modern and creative restaurant was very close to reach the Top 30 list, and this year Ieti was given the highest evaluation and ranked among the Top 30 restaurants. Another interesting fact is that the kitchen and the restaurant are run by a woman. So far, she is the only chef in this project (El Mercado's owner creates recipes, but does not participate the restaurant's kitchen)!


Head chefInga Turminienė
Managing directorInga Turminienė
Type of cuisineModern Baltic cuisine
Working hoursI-II 12 pm – 3 pm, III-IV 12 am – 10 pm, V-VI 12 am – 10.30 pm, VII 12 am – 8 pm (closed on Sundays during the summer season)
Addressnew address - Rotušės aikštė 6, Kaunas
Average hot dish price13 Eur (cold dishes – 8 Eur)
Capacity (seated)30 seats
Business lunchyes (I-V 12 am – 3 pm)
Dog friendlyno (allowed only on the terrace)

BRIEF RESTAURANT’S STORY. Inga Turminienė, who has a master's degree in finance, didn’t get tempted by what’s „more worthwhile”, but chose the path she enjoyed and loved from her childhood - culinary. After her studies and various internships she joined the Rasmus Kofoed's kitchen at Geranium restaurant, which is one of the two best-rated restaurants in Scandinavia, given even three Michelin stars. When she came back from Geranium to Kaunas, Inga clearly saw only one scenario – opening her own restaurant. This is how Ieti was created. The first year she did almost everything in her own restaurant. During the second year, she put together the reliable team, and already during the third, i.e. last year, the popularity of the restaurant has also grown.

RESTAURANT’S UNIQUENESS. Ieti’s menu is created through Inga’s prism - and it's very interesting. Chef-woman sensitively polishes every recipe before presenting it to her guests: „My dishes are my visions. They come from childhood memories. Also from the travel impressions”. Inga laughs that she is pretty childish person, therefore, let’s say, her dishes are not only creative and daring, but also full of colors. „Life is short and unpredictable, so I allow myself to play and not to hesitate in it“.

BRIEF MENU. Traditions, landscapes, craftsmanship - these three words guided I. Turminienė in creating Ieti. Traditions - they come from Inga's memories, read fairy tales, experiences. Landscapes - this is a stopped moment in nature, usually in the form of a picture or the simplest memory: meadow, bouquet, finding on the sea bottom, etc. „Creating beautiful, visual dishes gives me great pleasure“, – she says. Mastery is necessary to materialize sometimes seemingly unrealistic visions. However, regular traineeships, books and improved technologies help to grow and improve in this field.

By the way, Ieti’s a la carte menu is quite extensive: „I believe that a person who wants to have a delicious meal needs to have a choice“, – says the chef.

NEWS. The most important Ieti’s news of this year are new and almost half-larger premises in Kaunas Town Hall Square. „Guest appreciation motivated us to look for new premises“, – I. Turminienė smiles and sincerely appreciates this important momentum in just three years of operation. Thus, the summer of 2018 (from July to the end of August) is dedicated to the creation and preparation of new premises. The restaurant's interior will become more modern, but the concept of food will not change - it's a modern Baltic cuisine through Inga’s imagination prism.

CULINARY HITS. Regularly coming back to the menu and one of the favorite chef’s dishes – dzūkiška banda (potatoe bread) – 11 Eur, as well as cured beef – 9 Eur.