No. 20 Saint Germain

In terms of changes, this is probably the most stable restaurant in this project with a tried constant menu and just a few novelties on the menu this year. In fact, Saint Germain, too, has a couple of more important news – in summer, the restaurant’s terrace extends up to 50 additional places! Another piece of news this year – the restaurant has a new sommelier.


Head chefGediminas Švenčionis
Managing directorDainius Vasiliauskas
Type of cuisinefrench cuisine
Working hoursI-VI 11am-12am, VII 11am-11pm
AddressLiteratų str. 9-32, Vilnius
Capacity (seated)40
Breakfastyes (weekends only 11am)
Business lunchno
Dog friendlyno (only on the terrace)

Special dish
A salad with octopus


This is one of the first restaurants in Vilnius with high-level service, opened 12 years ago as a wine place, which, by the way, also was one of the first in the city at the time. At Saint Germain, there are still employees which work there since its opening. One of them – chef-in-chief Mr Gediminas Švenčionis.


Even though tables at Saint Germain are covered with white tablecloths and the restaurant’s team always tries to look their best, the attitudes of the French “boheme” are not foreign here also due to an idyllic location in the old town of Vilnius. This is a restaurant with the traditions of the French cuisine.


In the period of more than 10 years, the menu created by G. Švenčionis has hardly changed, because, according to general manager of the restaurant Mr Dainius Vasiliauskas, to include a new dish, you have to remove an older one, but you can only remove something if you manage to cook something better. Which is not so easy. Besides, regular visitors of Saint Germain like certain dishes, which are always being improved.

It has been 12 years as the main menu includes a beef tartare, a tomato soup and a boletus soup, a beef stroganoff, a tuna fillet and a special risotto. And the desserts which are most loved by visitors are classical year in, year out: fondant au chocolat, tiramisu and creme brulee. The novelties on the menu this season – a successful salad with octopus and a salad with smoked goose.


Ingredients used to cook the restaurant’s dishes come here from around the world. Meat is of highest quality and it is mostly imported. It travels here from New Zealand, Brazil or Ireland. In fact, every ingredient in this restaurant is sophisticated and travels from many different countries and suppliers. In addition, quite a number of products are made in the kitchen of Saint Germain. All sauces, mayonnaise, melted butter and other main products are prepared on the spot.


Another piece of news this year – the restaurant has a new sommelier, Mr Rytis Grigaitis. In fact, the restaurant’s owner Mr D. Vasiliauskas is one of the first sommelier in Lithuania, therefore, it comes as no surprise that the wine list here is composed quite accurately. The list covers the New and the Old Worlds as well as the main regions of major wine exporters. Certainly, the French wine dominates here, however, this year the wine list has been supplemented with more luxurious wines from Italy and Spain as well as exceptional wines from Chile and Australia.


Saint Germain has a week-end breakfast menu, which includes an Eggs Benedict, a French omelette, pancakes with caviar, fresh croissants, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as other light gourmet morning dishes.


The restaurant’s terrace is loved both by residents and guests of Vilnius. The terrace, which is located in the cosy environment of the Old Town, has become an integral part of the crossing of Literatų and A. Volano streets. This year, it is expanded up to 50 additional places, however, since it will expand into the square on A. Volano St, i.e. several steps away from the restaurant, in summer evenings, only snacks and drinks will be served there.


In the 12 years, this place has also been appreciated by world-famous actors, who visited Saint Germain while filming in Vilnius. Actor Jeremy Irons and all his filming team made a huge favour at the very beginning, when the restaurant just opened. J. Irons especially loved Saint Germain and was a regular visitor while filming in Vilnius. In addition, many evenings were spent here by actors John Malkovich, Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts, Marie Trintignant’s family and others.