No. 27 Rise

All the restaurants of one of the best chefs in Lithuania Mr Egidijus Lapinskas and one of the best sommelier in Lithuania Mr Arminas Darasevičius have their own exclusivity, but at the same time are characterised by a common quality standard. It was the lack of quality while looking for the best sushi in the city that encouraged the opening of Rise.


Head chefJurgis Ražinskas & Andrius Žiliukas
Managing directorEgidijus Lapinskas & Arminas Darasevičius
Type of cuisinesushi restaurant
Working hoursI-VI 11am-10pm, VII 11am-6pm
AddressGedimino av. 43, Vilnius
Business lunchyes

Special dish


Indeed, there are few restaurants the kitchens of which are dominated by peace. Rise is dominated by respect for the product, tools, cleanness and, yes, peace. Even if an argument starts in the kitchen, it is resolved later, and not in the kitchen. Finally, you start thinking that the feeling of peace also gets into the plate.


Sushi restaurants usually have pre-prepared food – pre-cut fish, vegetables, etc. Rise does not have that. The chef takes a full fresh fish, cuts as much as he needs at that time and places the fish into the fridge again. When they receive fresh fish, they smoke some of them themselves. Fish for the dishes is selected according to what is the most fresh in the supply at that time. Here, they do not use products from brine (for instance, crab sticks), however, you will certainly find real crab meat on the menu. Only in this way both Egidijus and Arminas are confident when they know that, at Rise, sushi and sashimi are the freshest, while the taste of sushi is special. By the way, in part, the secret of taste also depends on rice – the kitchen uses some of the best quality rice intended precisely for making sushi.


In total, a la carte contains about 40 positions of dishes, however, the menu does not include Philadelphia or California options, which have become a little boring. The menu is quite stable and is updated according to inspiration. Let’s say, now Egidijus and his team will try to include Lithuanian fish into the preparation of sushi!


During the lunch of the day, the kitchen shows its imagination. As Egidijus says, there is one method to boil rice, there are strict methods for cutting, however, in terms of creativity, there are no rules at Rise. It is precisely why they avoid calling themselves a restaurant of Japanese food. By the way, the price of a complex of the lunch of the day here – EUR 7-8.


The place having one of the best sommeliers in the country and the president of the Association of Sommeliers of Lithuania, Mr Arminas Darasevičius, should not have problems with choosing wine to go with the dishes. Rise has the widest choice of wine which is sold by the glass than any other sushi place in Lithuania. It is true, they do not serve red wine, however, they have a particularly large selection of rose wines. Besides wine, the Rise team offers to have sushi accompanied by Japanese beer, sake and even whisky made in Japan.


When they travel, the Japanese usually do not eat food prepared by non-Japanese, while at Rise you can always see Japanese tourists enjoying sushi made in Lithuania. They have also been appreciated by the Japanese Embassy in Lithuania.