No. 1 Stebuklai

Stebuklai is a place which delights its clients from the early morning to the late evening seven days a week and tries not to disappoint. It is hard to find such devotion to the most loyal clients. Actually, this place is one of those that do not close its door to private events – again, the restaurant does not want to disappoint its most loyal breakfast, lunch and dinner eaters.

The head of the restaurant and the kitchen – Martynas Praškevičius – is one of the most valued Lithuanian chefs who not only believes that you can learn everything yourself in a kitchen but has also proved this belief himself.

Although, as Martynas says, at first he wanted to open a grill restaurant with a bar but the name of the restaurant, which was created by colleagues, i.e. Stebuklai (Miracles), obliged us to shape up. Actually, even after a number of awards and compliments, Martynas still does not dear to call this place fine dining. In his opinion, a fine dining place means that everything has to be impeccable, meanwhile, he always wants to fix something, improve, and make better.


Head chefMartynas Praškevičius
Managing directorMartynas Praškevičius
Type of cuisinegrill & bar
Working hoursI-VII 08:00-23:00
AddressGynėjų g. 14, Vilnius
Average hot dish price20 EUR
Capacity (seated)60
Business lunchyes
Dog friendlyno

Special dish


Evening menu, just like in most high-level restaurants, changes every season. To be able to create Martynas needs to have fresh and quality products. Then all miracles, as he puts it, are found in simplicity.

Since the idea from the very beginning was, certainly, to serve dishes with the smell of smoke, i.e. to open a grill restaurant, the menu of Stebuklai still offers a number of grilled dishes.

Naturally, everything starting with sauces and finishing with bread is made in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Desserts served in Stebuklai are worth a separate paragraph. But it will be short. Martynas’ desserts have to be tried. They can be called the masterpieces of all tastes and they definitely can be called small miracles.


Mr. Praškevičius’ starts summer days in the market where he looks for fresh seasonal products. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can find him in Tymas market. Recently he has taken a fancy to dry aging Lithuanian beef. This level restaurant, certainly, cannot operate without the products of the big suppliers.


Rumours about breakfast at Stebuklai circulate not only in Vilnius but in Lithuania. Which dish is breakfast king? Eggs Benedict, of course! Actually, Martynas is one of the first chefs in Vilnius who introduced the fashion of late breakfast (he started it in back in Briusly the menu of which is still under his supervision).


Like the very name of the restaurant suggest, lunch specials in Stebuklai are not ordinary but are still more traditional than a la carte dishes. Lunch many changes every day. Hot dishes cost about EUR 7 on average, soups cost about EUR 2-3.


When creating the menu inspired by grill dishes, Praškevičius wanted from the very beginning to devote more attention to raw dishes. In this case, there is nothing common with raw food. What is meant here is raw meat and fish which is often served by Stebuklai in a very creative and inventive way.


From time to time Martynas, as he puts it, “plays” fine dining, i.e. organises thematic tasting dinners. During such events he makes up on average to 14-18 thematic dishes! For instance, the topic of dinner “When Soul Meets Body” was developed in cooperation with a bar Spiritus as a guest. Another tasting dinner was devoted to improvisations on the topic of a Mexican laboratory, etc. There are no rules, no periodicity – everything takes place according to season, mood, idea; for this reason, if you are interested in tasting dinners prepared by one of the best Lithuanian chefs, you should become the follower of Stebuklai on Facebook.


Although the restaurant is open seven days a week from mornings to late evenings, Martynas, nevertheless, tries to get touch to every dish which leaves the kitchen through the so-called “window”.