No. 3 Dine

It is a project of two Lithuanian stars – a chef Egidijus Lapinskas and one of the best wine experts in Lithuania Arminas Darasevičius. Actually, it is not their first project: they also run a restaurant Time (it was also rated in this “30 Best Restaurants in Lithuania”).

Although Egidijus still heads the kitchens of both restaurants, each of them has their local chefs and call Lapinskas their chef-patron who supervises both teams.


Head chefŽilvinas Laurinėnas
Managing directorArminas Darasevičius & Egidijus Lapinskas
Type of cuisinefine dining
Working hoursI-III 11:30-22:00, IV-VI 11:30-23:00
AddressGedimino pr. 35, Vilnius
Business lunchyes

Special dish


Dine, which quickly earned the sympathies of Vilnius city dwellers and city guests, stretches through two halls: one is luminous and full of mirrors, the other is painted in elegant brown colour and dimmed. For this reason, you can choose the seat and delve into food experiences, also choose according to your taste and mood.


A la carte menu is fixed here. It contains a number of dishes which are thought-out and complete. Dishes are replaced if something better is created. Just like in many other restaurants, menu is supplemented with new dishes which represent the current season. In summer, meals are light and refreshing, in winter – padding.

The menu of Dine does not represent any cuisine or any particular culinary school. Elements of the French, Japanese, Italian cuisines can be found in it. However, every single dish is processed in Lapinskas’ imagination and worked out to every single detail before it is served for the diners’ judgement.

As Egidijus puts it, their purpose is to make menu such that every time you come to Dine, you would like to try everything. Besides, the will of this chef and restaurant manager motivates him to continuously improve and be one step ahead. For example, the trend of this year is local smoked products. Egidijus and his team started doing this 4 years ago.


Dine often organises tasting dinners. The distinctness of such dinners is that not only an interesting menu developed by chefs is tasted but wines are also chosen to match food. This is no surprise, given the fact that Dine has one of the best wine choices in Lithuania.


First, good mood has to be included. Chef-patron always tries to have a chat with his clients, he often approaches diners to replenish their meal with sauces, sprinkles or a delightful wit. Naturally, like most restaurants of this level, Dine prepares almost everything in its own kitchen. They even smoke meat.


Dine offers business lunch which receives serious audience from different companies, ministries, law firms and embassies. Sometimes, even in summer, tourists also come over. No surprise that the restaurant is found in the city centre. Still, although lunch specials are available here which are served no sooner than an ordinary dinner, these require relaxation, invite to slow down the pace and enjoy tastes. A lunch set costs EUR 12-15.


A place with a multiple Lithuanian champion sommelier has undoubtfully a corresponding wine card. In principle, it can be said that Dine has one of the strongest, if not the strongest, wine cards in Lithuania. You can find wines from all over the world of various types and seasoning. Even the most fastidious clients can find in this restaurant what they look for. Prices per bottle start from EUR 25 and can reach EUR 700.


Although it is not a fine dining place, you will not see any tablecloths in Dine. They are substituted by impeccable service and the content of plates.