No. 21 Da Antonio

In the context of the independent Lithuania, Da Antonio is a unique place with its own history. An Italian Antonio and his wife Asta opened the restaurant in 1996 but at first the place was a pizzeria. In the middle it had the first furnace for pizzas in Lithuania and they were made by the Italians.

Later the pizzeria grew into pizzeria- tratoria, i.e. the choice of dishes became wider. Eventually, the boom of pizzerias in Lithuania ended and the owners decided to remove the furnace. Since then the place is a restaurant with a creative and expensive menu.


Head chefDmitrij Babenko
Managing directorAntonio & Asta Meschino
Type of cuisinemodern Italian
Working hoursI-V 11:00-23:00, VI-VII 12:00-23:00
AddressVilniaus g. 23, Vilnius
Average hot dish price18 EUR
Capacity (seated)50
Business lunchno
Dog friendlyyes

Special dish


Da Antonio has operated for a number of years. The restaurant has seen the rise of pizzas, and reconstruction of Gediminas Avenue when only the most loyal clients would come by. Chef of the restaurant Dmitrij Babenko tried different menus. Still, he never went far from the Italian cuisine.

Presently the menu of the restaurant changes at least 2-3 times a year. A few new dishes which are not on the menu are offered on a monthly basis. To create a new menu, Dmitrij looks for new ideas for his main courses and new techniques of preparation during his travels. Besides, his friends continuously brings him different culinary books and magazines from all over the world, most of which are, certainly, from Italy.

Ideas for new dishes come well before the start of a new season. Dmitrij knows a few months in advance what he will be preparing in spring/summer or autumn/winter. This, definitely, depends on the season and the available products.

Although Dmitrij prepares Italy-inspired foods, he has supported the Lithuanian producers and suppliers from the very beginning. For instance, the Da Antonio team was one of the first to start working with Lithuanian meats. Mr. Babenko has taken part until nowadays in the meat curing process which often takes about 6 months. Vegetables, for instance, asparagus are bought in Šiauliai in asparagus farm, and different sprouts – in Kaunas.


Home-made raviolis is what the restaurant is best known for. This was the first place in Vilnius to make home-made ravioli. The restaurant has served ravioli n a special way, experiments with form, stuffing and other additions.


Every niche of the restaurant is decorated with the Italian reproductions, vases, antiquarian clocks. Access to the restaurant distinguishes itself for symbolic columns and pediment which remind the ancient time. Da Antonio is perfect for business meetings with business partners and colleagues, also dinners with friends and relatives for its elegant but not too strict ambience. As Mr. Babenko puts it himself, the restaurant is mostly chosen by people who value privacy and high quality service.


No doubt that Italian wines and French champagne prevail in the restaurant. Wines from different Italian regions are available here: Campania, Marches and Umbria, Abruzzo, Sardinia, Sicily, etc.


It has been natural that a restaurant has its own wine card but the card of the rarest and most natural water has been surprising. The restaurant Da Antonio has had the one for more than 20 years. The card, certainly, features Italian water most but also has one type of Lithuanian water.