No. 15 Momo Grill

TOP 30 PLACEMENT. Chef Vytautas Samavičius, whose highly rated restaurant has featured in the Top 30 for four years in a row, now presents his culinary grill concept not just in Klaipėda, but also in Kaunas, where a second Momo Grill opened its doors last year.

Momo’s new location maintains the consistently high standards of the original to ensure a spot in the Top 30 – although stiff competition means it has dropped one place to number 15.


Head chefValdas Anusevičius, Donatas Lukoševičius
His favourite spice  chipotle glaze and tarragon
Managing directorVytautas Samavičius
Type of cuisinegrill&bar
AddressLiepų g. 20, Klaipėda ir Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 18a, Kaunas
Since2014 and 2018
Average hot dish priceEUR 18.50 (starter – EUR 8)
Capacity (seated)25 seats (Klaipėda), 60 seats (Kaunas)
Terracenot available
Breakfastweekends – Saturday 11:00-13:00, Sunday 11:00-16:00 (only in Kaunas)
Business lunchweekdays (11:00-14:30)
Dog friendlyyes (up to 10 kg)

Place in 2016 No. 6
Place in 2017 No. 10
Place in 2018 No. 14

WHY VISIT? If you’re looking for quality at a reasonable price, Momo Grill is an excellent choice in both Klaipėda and in Kaunas. A relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, smiling and friendly staff, generous portions and consistently high-quality à la carte menu at both locations are just a few of the reasons to visit.

Established in a historic former yeast and spirits factory, the new Momo Grill in Kaunas is sure to impress. Not just for its menu and service, but for the creative and tastefully designed interior of this amazing space. Momo Grill Kaunas jumped at the chance to celebrate the brunch tradition of Lithuania’s former temporary capital – which is why, unlike Momo in Klaipėda, the restaurant it is open on Sundays.

BRIEF MENU DESCRIPTION. The menu at both Momo Grills menus is almost identical, differing in only a few details. In Klaipėda, grilled fish choices take centre stage, while in Kaunas the focus is on meat. Menus are updated almost every month and most offerings are seasonal. Desserts also change according to the time of year.

The Momo Grill Council – restaurant owner and chef Vytautas Samavičius, chef Donatas Lukoševičius in Kaunas, and chef Valdas Anusevičius in Klaipėda – confer daily, and put a great deal of effort into maintaining quality and taste at both locations. According to the two head chefs, they could trade places and still ensure the same high quality. To highlight their individuality, though, the chefs’ suggestions and fixed-price lunch in each city often varies.

It’s important to note that everything at Momo, from bread to sauces, is freshly made on the premises that day. Nothing is saved for later use.

CULINARY HITS. Legendary homemade sausages (EUR 7 per sausage with sides; fixed-price lunch menu only); Brazilian beef filet with grilled vegetables (EUR 26.60); cod (EUR 15.70); pistachio panna cotta (EUR 4.50).

CHEFS. While living in London, the future chef at Momo Grill Kaunas, Donatas Lukoševičius, began working on a food truck and soon discovered his passion for cooking. Returning to Lithuania, he began to study the culinary arts.

His culinary path led him to the Daugirdas Hotel in Kaunas, and later to seaside restaurant Palanga. For two and a half years, Donatas also trained at chef Martynas Praškevičius’ Vilnius restaurant, Stebuklai. Returning to Kaunas, he worked for two and a half years as Artūras Naidenko’s right-hand man at Uoksas, and following that at the restaurant Monte Pacis. When he heard about the opening of Momo Grill in Kaunas, he phoned Vytautas Samavičius straight away to suggest a meeting.

Valdas Anusevičius, a long-time colleague of Vytautas Samavičius, supervises all kitchen activities at Momo Grill in Klaipėda. The pair have worked together for more than 13 years. Vytautas relies on Valdas’ organisation to let him focus on restaurant expansion and on the restaurant Monai, where Vytautas himself is head chef.