No. 12 uoksas

uoksas is a family restaurant located in the second largest city of Lithuania – Kaunas, however, it educates the taste of not just local visitors. This place is frequented by foreigners who find it according to recommendations as well as visitors from other cities and towns of Lithuania.

This restaurant was born slowly, as Odeta and Artūras gained enough experience. For them, uoksas is not just business or a short-time project. This is their way of life, a possibility of self-expression and even a playground. Here, both of them together with their team give freedom to their creativity and quite often serve the tastes which have never been tasted anywhere before.


Head chefArtūras Naidenko
Managing directorOdeta Naidenko
Type of cuisinemodern Lithuanian cuisine
AddressMaironio str. 28, Kaunas
Capacity (seated)45
Breakfastyes (brunch on weekends 12pm-4pm, except summer)
Business lunchyes (weekdays 12pm-3pm)
Dog friendlyno

Special dish


The menu of the evening is short and changes several times during the season taking into account the goods supplied by nature. In the vision of Odeta and Artūras, this place is closely related to nature and the seasons.

Thus the kitchen mostly uses seasonal products from local growers and producers. Certainly, as the majority of high-level restaurants, they avoid frozen ingredients, however, they do not renounce them fully. Sometimes, they freeze even local products for the cold season. In principle, the idea behind uoksas is similar to that of a Vilnius-based restaurant Sweet Root, which also offers seasonal and Lithuanian products.

In uoksas, dishes are served in a modern, minimalist and creative manner. In general, the cuisine of this restaurant could be called a creative laboratory of the Naidenko family (owners). Chef Artūras likes to experiment with textures, layers and intensity of tastes using the most recent technologies.


uoksas also offers a few-hours-long tasting dinners which you have to book in advance. The price of a tasting dinner per person – EUR 25. This price includes 6 dishes: two starters, two main courses and two desserts. In fact, during a tasting dinner, a visitor tastes almost the full menu of the restaurant, just in smaller helpings and for an attractive price. By the way, this is one of the best tasting dinners in Kaunas.


Every morning, the chef of uoksas “hunts” for the freshest products, thus the lunch of the day here is, in fact, an improvisation with the “catches” of that day. By the way, in uoksas, the lunch of the day is called a little differently than is usual for us – “the catch of the day”. It includes a starter (EUR 3.5), soup (EUR 2.5), a main course (EUR 5) and a dessert (EUR 2.5).


Here, brunch is served on Sundays all year round except for the summer season. The menu of a Sunday morning is very varied: from an Eggs Benedict and the English breakfast to a burger and American pancakes. Certainly, Sunday brunch here starts at 12:00 with wonderful mimosas and lasts as late as until 18:00 in the evening.


In uoksas, the wine list is continuously changed depending on the dishes of the season. It is not extensive, however, it includes good, rare wines. The restaurant’s owners regularly consult with the representatives of this trade, in order to choose the best combinations for the existing menu.


The restaurant’s name uoksas means “a hollow” which has been scooped in a tree by birds that live in hollows (woodpeckers, European rollers, certain owls, etc.). Still another step towards nature.