Which restaurants feature the best service and ambience?

Restaurant Dublis owned by chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, overtook Stebuklai in terms of the quality of service and the atmosphere., 2016-08-01

In June and July, thirty best Lithuanian restaurants were ranked. Having aggregated the points given by the experts, the first place was awarded to the restaurant Stebuklai headed by chef Martynas Praškevičius. However, after a review of ratings by the experts of the Good Food Academy in terms of individual components, such as food, quality of service, ambience and beverage menu, some other restaurants are found to be the leading ones.

The largest portion of the total score was comprised of the rating for food. Thus, the aforementioned restaurant Stebuklai turned out to occupy the leading position in this category, for this reason, it holds the title of the best restaurant this year. However, as the ratings of experts show, restaurant Dublis owned by chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, overtook Stebuklai in terms of the quality of service and the atmosphere.

“The quality of service and ambience bear 10% each in the total score of a restaurant’s rating; however, these are the components which make the dining experience special, interesting and extraordinary,” Linas Petrukaitis, founder of the Good Food Academy, noted. 

To ensure as objective as possible evaluation of restaurants, the Good Food Academy was set up. It unites over 100 food industry professionals: the best Lithuanian chefs, restaurant owners, journalists writing about this field, sommeliers, frequent restaurant-goers and other experts of the industry, all of whom rated Lithuanian restaurants. The first ranking of this kind in Lithuania was initiated by Švyturys which introduced the traditional beer collection of Švyturys in this way. 

Best Ambience and Service this Year Featured in Dublis

Using their experience and professionalism, the members of the Academy evaluated Lithuania’s restaurants. In terms of the best quality of service and atmosphere in a restaurants, the leader is Dublis.

Dublis incorporates two concepts of a restaurant, namely, brasserie and a restaurant, under one roof. This is a long-awaited dream of chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas which came true and where he implements his culinary visions and experiments. He is inspired by seasons, artistic works of the gallery Grafas and diners’ feedback.

The restaurant and brasserie set up late 2015 in Trakai Street in Vilnius in a complex of the 18th century buildings Grafų Rezidencija (the Residence of Counts). It is the second restaurant – the second take (dublis in Lithuanian) – opened by Mr. Praspaliauskas, however, it is the most ambitious project by him so far. Before, the chef was associated with the restaurant Lauro Lapas.

The brasserie welcomes the guests in a light-hearted informal environment. It is open until late night seven days a week. An innovative menu a la carte inspired by a fresh Scandinavian approach is changed by Deivydas on a monthly basis. The season, certainly, plays the key role in deciding on the menu.

A limited number of seats featuring restaurant opens at 7 p.m. and invites diners to try the fine dining food style where dishes can be chosen from the menu or to participate in a tasting dinner.

During such dinners, Deivydas lets his freak flag fly high in the restaurant far more often than in the brasserie. Besides, during the dinner, the contact between the kitchen staff and the diners is much closer than in the brasserie. The most curious guests can have a dinner at the chef’s table – next to the kitchen staff.

Other Lithuanian Restaurants with the Best Rated Service and Ambience

Top 10 restaurants in the category of atmosphere and service quality this year are as follows: Stebuklai,  Dine  owned by Egidijus Lapinskas and Arminas Darasevičius, Monai and Momo Grill found in Klaipėda, Šturmų Švyturys which can be found both on the seaside and in the capital Vilnius, Gastronomika owned by Liutauras Čeprackas, also Sweet Root and Gaspar's.

Sofa de Pancho also was listed among the top 10 restaurants in terms of the best quality of service but was found among the first twenty in the total ranking. In the category of the best decor, Sofa de Pancho was overtaken by IDW Esperanza Resort set up in Trakai district with its three restaurants and listed in top 10.


Interestingly, restaurant Saint Germain is not found among the best in terms of ambience and service quality, but is No. 10 in the general rating. Thus, the food and beverages served in this restaurant received a truly high rating since the score in the category of ambience and service did not impair the restaurant’s evaluation.