The results of “30 Best Restaurants” are transpiring – this year, as many as 11 new names

Vote summary, 2017-06-04

The voting of the members of the Good Food Academy in the project “30 Best Restaurants” is over and this year’s list is already known. As from 2 June, every day (except for Sundays), on the project’s website and on the portal, the list of the best restaurants of 2017 will be revealed starting with place 30, and on 29 June, during a special event in Vilnius, the top five Lithuanian restaurants of this year will be announced.

“All the restaurants included into this rating list are already the best, because it is these restaurants that received, this year, the largest number of points from the members of the academy. The latter, while voting, were supposed to take into account the quality of food and creativity of dishes, the level of service, the environment, the drink list and even more criteria established in the regulations of the project,” tells us Linas Petrukaitis, the founder of the Good Food Academy.

In the list of 2017, restaurants fell, ascended and some even disappeared

Since the project “30 Best Restaurants”, started on the initiative of Švyturys, has been organised for a second consecutive year, this year, the results are inevitably compared with the restaurants’ list of 2016.  

“Since we cannot yet reveal particular names, first of all, we review this year’s list in figures,” L. Petrukaitis revealed the voting statistics today.  

The dynamics of emergence of new restaurants brings joy not only to visitors, but also to the voters. Thus, this year, the list “30 Best Restaurants” includes as many as 5 newly opened restaurants, and not only in Vilnius.  

In total, compared with last year, the list of 2017 includes as many as 11 new restaurants. This means that, compared with last year, 11 restaurants left the list.  

This year, in the final table, 7 restaurants ascended a few positions, and the sharpest ascension was by 12 positions. The largest fall, but not elimination from the list, was by 20 positions.  

“I must also say that the list of 2017 includes fewer restaurants from Vilnius. The project’s geography has expanded and this is indeed delightful, because restaurants in Lithuanian resorts are not behind, in terms of their quality, the best restaurants of the capital,” maintains L. Petrukaitis.

Which are the top-five this year?

The project “30 Best Restaurants” will be crowned by a ceremony of awards of the best restaurants in Lithuania in 2017 to be held on 29 June in a historic place in Vilnius – in Pirklių Namai (Merchants’ House).  

Such rating of restaurants is also conducted globally, and some countries have their own lists of restaurants. Lithuania is no longer an exception here.  

“The project not only unites professionals of gastronomy and discovers the pearls of catering in Lithuania, it also seeks to become a quality, reliable and creative guide for all lovers of good food,” says Evalda Šiškauskienė, president of the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants and chairperson of the project’s Council.  

The voting is organised by the Good Food Academy together with the Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants, the Lithuanian Association of Restaurant Chefs and Confectioners and the magazine Geras Skonis. The project’s initiator – Švyturys. This year, the project’s partners have also been joined by the State Tourism Department under the Ministry of Economy.