POSITION IN THE TOP 30. This is the only restaurant in the ranking of 30 Best restaurants this year remaining in the same place as last year - Šturmų švyturys well-known for the stability of its concept and the menu that is completely dependent on the nature.


Head chefČeslovas Žemaitis
Managing directorČeslovas and Asta Žemaičiai
Type of cuisineLithuanian fresh fish restaurant
Working hoursVilnius I-VII 12 pm – 10 pm, Ventės ragas I-VII 1 pm – 9 pm
AddressUžupio str. 30, Vilnius and Ventės Ragas, Šturmai
SinceŠturmai – 2004, Vilnius – 2014
Capacity (seated)40 seats
Average hot dish pricedepends on the selected fish and its weight
Breakfastonly in Ventės ragas
Business lunchno
Dog friendlynot allowed in Vilnius, welcome by the seaside

Place in 2017 No. 5
Place in 2016 No. 7

BRIEF RESTAURANT’S STORY. >span class="None">Šturmų švyturys began 15 years ago, when Česlovas and Asta Žemaičiai acquired a small port on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon. They needed a couple of years to revive it and open the Minor Lithuania styled restaurant and hotel. The restaurant Šturmų Švyturys opened the door 4 years ago in Vilnius. He has become a true Courland Embassy for both the capital's residents and its guests. The restaurant was quickly discovered by amateurs of fresh fish dishes who want to feel a nice seaside breeze.

RESTAURANT’S UNIQUENESS. Seasonal, wild and fresh Lithuanian fish is a pride of Šturmų švyturys. According to the owners of the restaurant, they are the only ones in Lithuania and the Baltic States, who daily offer dishes of wild fresh fish. It is regularly delivered to the restaurant directly from the fishing nets of the small fisherman in the Curonian Lagoon. The fish in the restaurant is placed on ice before being cooked in a special oven or fireplace. This way the guests of the restaurant can see the latest catch and choose which fish they want to be prepared by the chef.

Due to dependency on natural processes of nature and the fishermen’s luck, chef Česlovas Žemaitis never knows what kind of fish will arrive that day. So many of his dishes are prepared by improvising and combining the ingredients prevailing at that time of the season.

BRIEF MENU. The Šturmų švyturys menu is the shortest in Lithuania. It is based on fresh seasonal fish and ingredients that are needed at that time to buy for the restaurant’s dishes. Chef Česlovas Žemaitis buys them in person, every day visiting small merchants, farmers and residents of the small villages. According to the chef, a close relationship with fishermen and small sellers is an integral part of his culinary work. It allows you to constantly feel the nature’s rhythm, seasonal changes, and the connection with nature. All of this, of course, is also reflected in the dishes prepared. They are complemented by a strong, exclusive Austrian and German wine and champagne menu.

SPACE. Šturmų švyturys restaurant in Užupis is characterized by pleasant minimalism. The upper floor is dedicated to the fishermen of Minor Lithuania and their history, meanwhile in the lower hall guests can see the unique weathercocks of the Curonian Lagoon, while during the warm season, they can enjoy their dinner on the transparent glass covered terrace.

Seaside Šturmų švyturys is located on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon. There everything is filled with nature’s tranquility and extensive simplicity. Guests of this restaurant feel as if they were coming to see their old good friends who offer them dishes prepared from freshly caught fish.