No. 27MEAT

POSITION IN THE TOP 30. In the first year of the project, MEAT was ranked as one of the best steak restaurants in Lithuania. Last year, MEAT didn’t make it to the Top 30, but this year, having expanded its concept, it was re-evaluated by members of the Good Food Academy. This place has grown from its infancy age and evolved into something more.


Head chefArtūras Butkūnas, Liutauras Čeprackas
Managing directorLiutauras Čeprackas
Type of cuisinefire food restaurant
AddressJuozapavičiaus str. 13, Vilnius
Capacity (seated)70 seats
Average hot dish price20 Eur (cold dishes – 8 Eur)
Breakfastyes (weekends 10 am – 2 pm)
Business lunchyes (11.30 am – 3 pm)
Dog friendlyno

Place in 2016 No. 18

RESTAURANT’S UNIQUENESS. MEAT combines several things - its menu will satisfy the requirements of more elegant and sophisticated customers, but at the same time the portions are pretty big. The customers will leave this place feeling not as having tasted the food, but being very full.

Another unique feature of the MEAT restaurant is the largest meat aging room in the Baltic States, which allows you to experience the evolution of meat flavors. The Lithuanian beef is matured for at least 28 days, and some types of it - up to 70 days.

BRIEF MENU. MEAT from the meat restaurant has grown into a fire food restaurant. Both lovers of meat and fish and even vegetarians have already found their favorites here. So even though the legends of MEAT hamburgers and steaks are being heard since its opening in 2015, the menu of this restaurant has become more democratic, more affordable (more balanced prices) and more family-friendly (children's breakfast menu has been added).

NEWS. The late weekend brunch started in Nida’s MEAT and finally arrived in Vilnius: „Our brunch is the egg Disneyland. I wanted to broaden the attitude towards this product and move away from the familiar paths“, – brunch menu is briefly presented by the managing director of the restaurant and recognized chef Liutauras Čeprackas. Here you can choose between Benedict's eggs prepared in Mexican, Spanish, Lithuanian style, etc. You can even order an egg curry or French eggs! Price - 6-7 Eur.

CULINARY HITS. Special Wagyu beef MEAT hamburger – 11 Eur, oven-stewed shrimp with butter – 11 Eur, Asian and Belgian aged beef tartar – 8 Eur. (By the way, in the summer, MEAT will introduce three completely new tartars: „Same way as I played with eggs while creating the breakfast menu, I’m about to start with tartars,“ – says L. Čeprackas, smiling.

CHEF. The head chef Artūras Butkūnas started working for MEAT from the very opening of the restaurant. Until then, he worked in a highly rated and always among the best restaurants in the country, La Esperanza restaurant. Meanwhile, Liutauras participates in MEAT on the "executive" chef's rights. He is not there every day, but prepares its menu together with Artūras, supervises quality and tries to maintain the restaurant’s level.

SPACE. The restaurant is located in a recently rapidly changing environment - next to the Vilnius Sports Palace and the newly designed neighborhood that replaced former Žalgiris Stadium. By the way, Liutauras Čeprackas created the concept of the restaurant's image and even chose the furniture himself. And to implement interior design ideas he was helped by his mother, interior designer Irma Žukienė.