POSITION IN THE TOP 30. In 2016, Deividas Praspaliauskas, with one of his most ambitious project, Dublis, was awarded the second place in the Top 30 Restaurants. Last year, we did not see him on the list as a chef at all. After a year's break, this well-known kitchen master returns with his new project Amandus and immediately secures the position in the top ten.


Head chefDeivydas Praspaliauskas
Managing directorDeivydas Praspaliauskas
Type of cuisineScandinavia inspired cuisine
Working hoursI-VII (12:00 pm - 11 pm) degustation dinners II-VI from 7 pm
AddressPilies str. 34, Vilnius
Capacity (seated)55 seats
Average hot dish pricetasting dinner – 50 Eur
Breakfastyes (06.30 am -10 am)
Business lunchyes
Dog friendlyno

Place in No.

BRIEF RESTAURANT’S STORY. For Deivydas Praspaliauskas it is his fourth and, as he himself hopes, the last take: „I do not think about any new restaurant“, well known chef smiles. He is planning to take the experience of the tasting dinners to an even higher level in his restaurant Amandus, located in an exclusive boutique hotel Artagonist.

RESTAURANT’S UNIQUENESS. It is exactly dish show that is the is a strong side of Deividas Praspaliauskas and he does not want to change it, even though more and more restaurants are organizing such kinds of dinners in Vilnius. He is one of the first in Lithuania, who began to invite guests for an appointed hour and to serve food not according to individual orders, but what he wants his guests to taste. This concept remains applied in his new restaurant.

BRIEF MENU. Deivydas changes the tasting menu on the first Tuesday of each month. Of course, seasonality has the biggest influence on the menu changes. Another important rule of the chef is not to repeat the products. Everything else is the improvisation on a high level.

For a tasting dinner at Amandus the table should be booked in advance and the guests should arrive at 7 pm o'clock. It is exactly at that time from Tuesday to Saturday that D. Praspaliauskas organizes dinners, which take about 2.5-3 hours, start. Price per person - 50 Euro.

CHEF. Deividas Praspaliauskas is one of the best-known chefs in Lithuania. His and his ex-partner’s first restaurant Lauro lapas opened the door in the premises of the former restaurant Nykštukas 7 years ago. True, the restaurant is still operating, only without Deividas and with a completely different concept.

Later D. Praspaliauskas opened 1 dublįs on Šopeno street. The restaurant was open only in the evenings and only for the tasting dinners. The most prominent project of his and his business partners is Dublis on Trakų street, which is also operating, but again without the well-known chef. Their roads split up due to financial disagreements. Now, David is once again the sole owner of the restaurant, who communicates with the guests himself and manages the kitchen.