No. 30Apvalaus stalo klubas

The list of 30 best restaurants in Lithuania starts with a restaurant in the town of Trakai. The restaurant has been in operation for more than 20 years already, in an exceptional location of Trakai. An exceptional location with the best view to a historic Trakai castle obligates to create an exceptional cuisine, too. The menu of this restaurant is based on the following principles: Here (includes what is Lithuanian) and Now (seasonal goods) Together With the World (global trends and technologies), while the fulfilment of the menu has convinced not only the members of the Good Food Academy, but also a number of honourable guests.


Head chefJevgenijus Volkovas
Managing directorRaimonda Repšytė
Type of cuisinenewly found Lithuanian earthly blessings in a modern gastronomy
Working hoursI-VII (12pm -11pm)
AddressKaraimų str. 53A, Trakai
Capacity (seated)42
Business lunchno
Dog friendlyyes

Special dish
Slow-roasted leg of lamb



The history of Apvalaus Stalo Klubas was started more than 20 years ago by Ms Rasa Šnaiderienė and her parents. The buildings of the restaurant, a pizza place and a hotel in an exceptional location of Trakai came into being gradually. In 1996, all you could see there was a summer pavilion and four kiosks. After a lot of waiting, the time required for the acquisition of permits and archaeological excavations, the year 2002 saw the beginning of growth of what is currently seen by probably everyone who comes here to have a look at the castle.



A year ago, Apvalaus Stalo Klubas hired a young but very promising chef Yevgeny Volkov. In 2016, he was chosen the best cook in Lithuania.



A la carte is dominated by local products which, according to the possibilities of the season, are supplemented with “the hits” of the season (after asparagus springs – with asparagus, when mushrooms start growing in the forest – with mushrooms, when berries mature – with berries, etc.). Yevgeny bravely combines authentic food preparation methods which are usual in our region (pickling, desiccation, baking in the oven, etc.) with the technologies which are popular in other places around the world (machines for the production of caviar, desiccation, vacuuming, sous-vide cooking, a Pacojet appliance, etc.).



As is usual for top-level restaurants, everything – from sauces to four sorts of bread – is produced on the spot. Here, meat, fish and vegetables are smoked in the shavings of fruit trees. Ingredients are also dried, marinated and pickled here. Potherbs come from a restaurant’s garden which is located just a few kilometres away from the kitchen. During the season, mushrooms and berries are picked by grandmothers and relatives of the kitchen staff.  

Chicken, quail and geese eggs also travel only a very short distance to the restaurant – just several kilometres. Milk products are brought from Varėna district, catfish – from Vilnius district, asparagus – from Mažeikiai, etc. Yevgeny wants the dishes on the menu to be cooked, as much as is possible, from local products. Certainly, the restaurant does not avoid import from other countries, either.



Rasa wants the visitor, who has a dream to escape briefly to France, arrive at Apvalaus Stalo Klubas and feel, at least partially, as having fulfilled his/her dream. To achieve that, the restaurant offers an exceptional location with a view on the castle, an exceptional menu and, also, the interior. It has been created by combining details from the heritage of different generations. On the table, you will always see flowers of the season or greenery from meadows and fields. Crockery used in the restaurant was made from authentic materials – clay, wood, stone or china, however, its design is modern and original.



In Apvalaus Stalo Klubas, you can expect top-level service, which sometimes is even unusual (for instance, cutlery is brought on a pillow). The restaurant’s team has worked under various protocols. Trakai often attracts important guests – from top-level officials of the main European institutions, cardinals, heads of state and even representatives of royal families to intellectual Lithuanians celebrating on various occasions. The majority of them choose Apvalaus Stalo Klubas because of the quality offered here.