10 good luck messages by Švyturys to the best restaurants

Seeing as more restaurants opening and as less closing as possible.

The most delightful thing is that Lithuania has been seeing an increasingly more real restaurants which serve delicious food and are interesting. The most upsetting fact is that suddenly they close. The aim of this project is to promote as more good restaurants opening as possible and as less disappearing from the food experiences’ map as possible. All this depends on us – those who go to restaurants and evaluate them.

Combining food with beverages.

There is plenty room for food and beverage combinations. We are used to the situation where a waiter or sommelier gives advice on what wine to choose to go with a certain dish. We have been getting use to situations where beer sommeliers can also offer unexpected beer and food combinations. For example, try to taste white wheat beer with grilled fish!

Mastership lies in proportions.

When creating the Traditional Collection we aimed at making the first step forward to food and beverage combination culture where everyone can find their favourite combination and is not afraid of experimenting. We experiment with four main beer ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and pure water. We know that mastership lies in proportions.

Experiments with food.

We encourage experimenting during which the most unexpected combinations are born and during which everyone find their favourite combinations. For instance, having discovered the beer which fits perfectly well with a high-quality chocolate, you start to understand that the most important is high quality of the ingredients that are used in combinations and a master’s touch.

Rations which invite to come back when you feel really hungry.

Plates covered with crumbles look well solely in photographs placed on social networks. I would like to wish to every restaurant participating in this project not to bid farewell to hungry guests after their visit in a restaurant.

Enjoy taste in moderation.

Certainly, restaurants guests should not leave a restaurant too full – moderation and balance are required everywhere. Moderation is the most faithful attendant of good mood and health. Both when eating and when drinking. The more frequently we remember that enjoying tastes in moderation is the most pleasant, the sooner we will learn to really appreciate the value of food and beverage culture.

30 times.

When going to a restaurant, we most often follow advice of our friends, the names of famous chefs, and sometimes – simply funny and intriguing names of restaurants. The aim of this list is to recommend restaurants that do not require any additional advice from your environment and to make you trust the professionals of  food industry who compiled the list. 

Chef’s role is the most important.

The best restaurants are those whose kitchens are headed by perceptive and brave chefs. Perceptive – because they understand people’s tastes perfectly well. And brave  – because they are not afraid of educating their clients, promote them to get new experiences and impressions. In Švyturys, we also follow these main principles when introducing new taste combinations, opening unexpected experiences.

Clients have become whimsical. Lithuania has always been a country of delicious food and good beer. Before, there was, perhaps, a lack of diversity, but now there is plenty of it. Today everyone can find what is the most appropriate for their individual taste and that is wonderful. Tastes, certainly, change but quality has to remain. We would like to wish continuous development and improvement to the restaurants of the country because in this way they help improve our tastes as well. 

Finally, never ask the author of these lines “steak or fish?” Steak, of course! Not any beef cut, but the true New York rib eye, roasted medium rare and presented in the simplest manner.  P. S. These words should not be understood as an attempt to influence the commission’s decisions.

Rolandas ViršilasCEO of Švyturio-Utenos Alus and project initiator